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Equality and Diversity

Over our 39 years of trading, Dempsey Dyer have built up an impressive reputation in the commercial sector.

  • Trading for nearly 40 years
  • Worked with a range of commercial customers
  • Experience working with the council, house builder or main contractor
  • Reliable and efficient service
Equality and Diversity

Committed to providing equal opportunities

Our organisation is dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity in employment. We strongly oppose any form of less favourable treatment based on direct or indirect discrimination.

Our management ensure that no employee receives unfavourable treatment based on the grounds of:

  • Race or skin colour
  • Nationality or ethnic origin
  • Religion or belief
  • Disability
  • Trade union membership or non-membership
  • Gender or sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Marital status

Discrimination against any of these factors is monitored throughout every employment procedure at Dempsey Dyer, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Development
  • Promotion

A company that is proud of its high-calibre team

We aim to ensure that all individuals are selected, promoted and otherwise treated solely based on their relevant skill set, abilities and work ethic.

We are proud of the high calibre of every single one of our employees, whether based in management, installation, product design or other sections of the company.

Selecting staff based on their skill set, rather than discriminatory factors, not only helps us to create equal opportunities but also ensures that we can offer the best services, with the best team behind every single process at Dempsey Dyer.



Installers and other businesses can only work effectively if they have a reliable trade supply – of the highest performing products. Luckily, here at Dempsey Dyer we only supply the latest options from market leaders. This guarantees quality, performance and durability – regardless of the product choice.

Project & Contract Management

We help to ensure all projects run smoothly – and keep to budgets and time scales.

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Environment & Recycling

We have a duty to minimise our effect on the world around us.

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Equality & Diversity

We provide equal opportunities for all and are strongly against any form of discrimination.

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